The 3-in-1 solution
for Hard to Heal Wounds

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What is VACUTEX™?

VACUTEX™ is a special type of wound dressing that consists of a patented 3-layer structure of Polyester and Polyester-Cotton filaments, that mechanically works as a low level “pump” through capillary action. It is not identical to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, but has an autologous mechanism similar to NPWT.

VACUTEX™ can be used for hard to heal wounds with moderate to heavy amounts of exudate and slough.

How it works

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1 Continuous drawing

Wound fluid and oedema is continuously and 100% drawn out of the wound bed by the 1st layer of the VACUTEX™ wound dressing. The drawing power of VACUTEX™ only works if the capillary channels are in direct contact with the wound fluid. For deep wounds several layers of the VACUTEX™ wound dressing can be used on top of each other, and VACUTEX™ can be used as a drain for undermined wounds.

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2 Drainage

The wound fluid and oedema that is drawn out of the wound will be locked and spread in the central (middle) layer of the VACUTEX™ wound dressing through horizontal drainage. VACUTEX™ remains dry on the skin contact side, but in the wound bed the dressing remains moist. Because of this the wound fluid will not macerate the wound edges.

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3 Drainage and removal

When the central (middle) layer of the VACUTEX™ wound dressing is saturated, the excess of wound fluid is transported to the third (outer) layer of the VACUTEX™ wound dressing. From this layer, the wound fluid will evaporate or (in case of high amounts of exudate) can be absorbed by a secondary (super absorbent) wound dressing on top of VACUTEX™. Fixation of VACUTEX™ is recommended with a highly breathable but simple gauze bandage.

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