Breakthrough technology for fast, accurate wound
diagnostics and wound healing evaluation.

The technology

TIVITA® works by means of 100 different light channels between 500 and 1,000 nm. In 6.4 seconds TIVITA® allows the measurement of superficial oxygen saturation (StO2 [%], 1 mm in the skin), the deeper perfusion (NIR, 3 to 6 mm into the skin), the Tissue Haemoglobin index (THI) and the Tissue Water Index (TWI). This non-contact diagnostic tool not only allows to monitor the wound bed, but also the wound bed surroundings that often contain the reasons of bad or slower wound healing of complex and other wounds. The technology was recently developed based on imaging, spectroscopy and tissue oximetry know-how.

TIVITA® exists in TIVITA® Tissue and TIVITA® Wound versions and is available both with cable and battery power supply. For every wound measurement done, a full series of values is available for all measured parameters.

The practical use of the TIVITA® in wound care

TIVITA® allows fast and complete wound diagnostics of both wound bed and wound surroundings and is used for fast scanning of several wound diagnostics parameters such as oxygen measurements, perfusion measurements and oedema measurements. Having better knowledge about why complex wounds do not heal, the wound care professional gets better chances to pick the right therapy to close the wound.

Moreover, due to the speed of the wound assessment of TIVITA®, wound professionals can already evaluate the success of their chosen wound care therapy after 24 to 48 hours, saving valuable time and money in order to close wounds faster and prevent amputations. TIME IS TISSUE!

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TIVITA® for vascular surgeons

TIVITA® is a quick scanning tool for vascular or arterial occlusion assessment in the upper layers of the skin. In case problems are detected with TIVITA®, a more in-depth analysis with duplex Doppler can be provided. TIVITA® also helps in the quick assessment of revascularisations, the prevention or reduction of amputations by means of better, faster and more complete assessments of the problem zones in DFU, VLU or pressure sores.

TIVITA® for plastic surgeons

Judging if donor sites or flaps will be successful is not an easy assessment to be done based on the limitations of the human eye. TIVITA® allows to see up to 6 mm deep into the skin and can easily be used to monitor the wound healing efficacy and efficiency of flaps and donor sites, in order to prevent them from getting lost due to oedema or perfusion problems that are invisible for the human eye or even for standard existing clinical assessment.

TIVITA® records in 6,4 seconds, both inside the wound as in the wound surroundings the following spectral measurement data:


RGB image (color image)

Color image calculated from the recorded spectra similar to a normal photo but with objective comparable color


Oxygenation image

Oxygen saturation of the hemoglobin distributed in the tissue

Color scale: Red (high oxygenation) to Blue (low oxygenation)


NIR Perfusion image

Describes the oxygenation of deeper layers of the tissue

Color scale: Red (high perfusion) to Blue (low perfusion)


TWI image

Distribution of the tissue water in the viewed image area

Color scale: Red (high water content) to Blue (low water content)


THI image

Relative volume fraction & distribution of hemoglobin in the viewed image area

Color scale: Red (high hemoglobin content) to Blue (low hemoglobin content)

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